Corona in Greece

The Corona pandemic is catastrophic for refugees living in Greece in overcrowded camps or even on the street. We do what we can to bring relief to their situation.

The Corona pandemic is catastrophic for refugees living in Greece, in overcrowded camps, or even on the street. Many NGOs have stopped operating under these harsh conditions, leaving beneficiaries without food, with weak hygiene and hardly any space to isolate, which puts refugees at risk. The projects we support are luckily still providing food and medical services, but they are heavily affected by the Greek lockdown. The volunteers are often forced to use less efficient and more expensive ways to deliver their indispensable services.

Human Aid Now is providing emergency response funding. We need your help to allow those vital projects to continue.  The Corona pandemic is affecting all of us but is the hardest for the most vulnerable individuals in our societies. If you can, please contribute to the solidarity effort and donate to one of below projects.

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Justyna, Thessaloniki, Greece – food

Justyna and her team are here for the most vulnerable refugee groups, those that cannot stay in camps and have to live in the streets. Every month, they cook and distribute thousands of meals.

Now, during the Greek national lockdown, almost all other services in Thessaloniki have been suspended, including the free shops and the food distributions run by the municipality or the churches . 150  homeless refugees, most of themyoung men and unaccompanied minors, have been left with almost no assistance. Justyna and her  team continues toprovide assistance to this group by distributing food and basic hygiene items.

We need € 90 per day to keep those 150 young people alive. Will you help us?

Donate for food in Thessaloniki

Sophie, Samos, Greece – medicine

Sophie runs Med’EqualiTeam, a free clinic on Samos that serves 4,000 patients per month. The camps in Samos are home to >7,000 residents whilst only being fit to hold 650. Diseases and infections, such as scabies and respiratory infections, are rampant in the camps.

With the closing of the borders, the flow of donated medicines has nearly stopped and the team needs now to buy medicines for chronical diseases like diabetes and epilepsy, which generates an additional cost of € 1000 per month. Will you help to keep the clinic open?

Donate for medical help on Samos

Michael, Thessaloniki, Greece – legal info

Through the difficult times, Michael’s Mobile Info Team has seen a huge increase in clarification and information requests, we have an increased need for more personal to handle the additional need! In the last week we had 263 (!) new persons contacting us on Facebook (a normal week has around 30 new persons contacting us), not counting all the persons that have already been in contact with us from before. For that we need additional translation time, but also an additional caseworker as soon as the situation allows it, or even to train a caseworker to work remotely.

We are also starting a special Covid-19 project to identify and assist homeless refugees that have been fined for violating the restriction of movement. The project aims to provide support to homeless asylum seekers to get rid of the 150 Euro police fine which has been imposed in clear lack of taking into account the impossibility of a homeless person to be in lock-down. For this additional hands and translating time will also be needed, as well as the possibility to drive around with a car to potentially meet homeless people and provide assistance to them.

The costs for additional vehicle and fuel costs is approximately € 500 over the next 2 months.

Donate for legal information for refugees

Rose, Thessaloniki, Greece – medicine

Rose and her team at Medical Volunteers International are providing medical care for the most vulnerable in Northern Greece: the refugees sleeping in the streets. For basic care for these migrants, she has thankfully been able to find donors who provided these. The only additional costs she still aims to get covered are those for gloves, hand sanitizers and vitamins to ensure a safe medical service during Covid-19. For only € 10, we can cover these costs for a day!

Donate for medical help in Northern Greece

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Human Aid Now rapidly intervene in crisis areas to support refugees to ensure their basics needs. We define basic needs as: food, clothing, shelter, safety, healthcare, information. We do this with our programs Help a HeroEmergency Response and by collecting goods.

We are proud to have very low running costs and overhead. Until now 99% of donations were spent on site for the refugees.

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